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Yasssss!!!! Finally!!  It’s Summer  – Here are our top tips on how to keep on learning English in the summer! 

Keep reading to find out our Top 5 ways to keep up your English during the hot summer months!!!

1- One of the best ways to continue learning English is by practising it. This could be by attending a Summer Intensive course – available at The English Oak Academy in July and September – contact us via email – or via our website

2- Alternatively, you can visit an English speaking country on holiday. Speak to the locals and improve your listening skills by hearing the different accents!

3-  If you can’t arrange a holiday – don’t worry!!! If you live in Catalonia you have the best possibility of meeting tourists – easy to spot with maps and cameras – and you can talk to them by helping with directions or by making recommendations of places to visit in your town or city.

4-  If you are a shy and quiet person then you could take advantage of the hundreds of TV channels available via the internet. Find a series, film or documentary you like and watch it in English with English subtitles. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can understand!

5-  Don’t forget songs and videogames – you can listen to songs on youtube or play your favourite song and test yourself with . If you prefer video games – how about changing the settings into English, so all the instructiions and coversations are in English. If you play online you can even make friends with other players and communicate in English!


Whatever you decide to do – remember – PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!


Have a great summer and see you soon!!